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Redemption: A Tale of Two Gardens

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Redemption takes you on a behind-the-scene eye witness account of the greatest story ever told. Of sin’s proliferation in a perfect garden and Christ’s dramatic rescue to save humanity from its results. Beginning in Eden you hear the dialog between Satan and Eve concerning some fruit. You see her eat and give some to her husband Adam. You hear God punish, then promise, then put them out from Eden. As you read, you’re carried down through the centuries of time to another garden, Gethsemane. Where you witness the decree of Christ, the deceptive kiss of Judas, and the defiance of Peter. Along the way you discover the hidden harmony and amazing analogies. You see with crystal clearness the contrasts and similarities. You learn firsthand the symbolism too obvious to overlook; the message too clear to pass over; the conclusion too plain to miss. In Eden, Adam took the fruit from Eve’s hand; in Gethsemane, Christ received the cup from His Father’s hand. In Eden, Adam sinned; in Gethsemane, Christ suffered. In Eden, the first Adam fell; in Gethsemane, the second Adam conquered. In Eden paradise was lost but in Gethsemane paradise regained. It is indeed, the Tale of Two Gardens.

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